Start a revolution in your kitchen!

DubbaCooks - Share your delicious, home-cooked meals whilst earning money.

DubbaFoodies - Get affordable, mouth-watering meals from DubbaCooks in your area.

What is DubbaHood?

DubbaHood is a brand new way of bringing people and communities together through our common love for great, authentic, home-cooked food.

Discover your community

Become part of an ever-growing network of passionate DubbaCooks, who prepare their delicious dishes in their own kitchens for hungry DubbaFoodies in their neighbourhood.

Make money and save money

As a DubbaCook, you can make extra money by selling your extra portions to DubbaFoodies in your neighbourhood. As a DubbaFoodie, you can still eat home-cooked meals at affordable prices.

Let’s start a revolution in our kitchens and help the planet

In the UK, we waste 7 million tonnes of food a year. That's an average of £700 worth of food wasted per household, per year! Together, we can help the planet and reduce food waste through sharing delicious, home-cooked food. Are you ready?